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Other than Remi's info, (and he knows almost better than anyone in this matter)
there is not much correct so far in this thread.

Except the other little idea to wait until August for the real info.

Until then, the games continue !

(hey Geo, by all means check out CA - but no need to run yet based on above infos !!
I know a man of your tastes will be well covered in 2008 iS range)

The issue with development is if we stand still, even if choose too, we get overtaken in a very competitive market right now.
That's not our intention, so the only thing is to go for it - and the long and expensive development that incurs. But be assured there is not any discount being taken this year on development, rather to maintain the edge, the program has gone even bigger. And every individual size/model is developed and tested individually, inside the obvious concurrent design theme. The result are some subtle but interesting differnces between some adjacent models..

Our customers (inc some rather well known Pro Team riders ) demand the most effective and competitive tools... taking a 2 year cycle would be VERY nice - but not in their minds.
Imagine, Ferrari advise Kimi in 2008 he races the 2007 model, despite F2007 would still wipe more than half the 2008 field..

Game on !

Cheers ~ Ian
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