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Hi Ian,

of course, it was a boutade... I will wait and check everything. I am rather satisfied with Starboard boards right now. CA are interesting nevertheless, and their lineup changed just now since when I bought my Sonic in February 2006, which is something I appreciate.
As for the new model frenzy, I understand you hold your point, but I still do not agree. F1 racing cars are really leading edge tech, every new advancements are immediately used there, just think about the effects of advanced metallurgy on the combustion chambers temperatures, or new electronics on motor and body management. Nothing like that in windsurfing: aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and plastic composites are the same since years or decades. There is some change coming from the customers' ability or will to purchase more expensive stuff, that led us from PE and ASA to carbon sandwich; but by sure no need for yearly change because of any breakthrough innovation or even incremental advancement in science or technology.
Materials manufacturers would like us to believe this all is necessary; but at least some of us would prefer slower obsolescence, even if the trade off was some slight barely sensible performance enhancement. I regard almost every "advancement" as an amendment of previous models in reality.
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