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What is the expected life of a state of the art production board? Really, an interesting question to consider. From my personal point of view, it would have to be substantial, but I often wonder what other folks expect. I have to believe that the construction integrity of today's products are fairly robust overall, because I don't think that customers would tolerate a product that self destructed in one to two years. As a result, I think the potential for an extended product life is there.

As Ian has pointed out above, I have to think that it's an absolute given that brand designers are highly incentivized to keep the crank turning, especially in a seasonal sport like windsurfing. There's a lot of competition out there, and a company's primary strategic goals must include standing out in the crowd, attracting paying customers and ultimately increasing market share. One can expect that yearly changes will run the spectrum from evolving concept designs, construction improvements/enhancements and presentation graphics.

But, is change always indicative of an ever increasing series of better products? Of course, a very arguable point. Yet, assuming that a customer buys a product that's outstanding in every way, how long does the satisfaction and interest last? In my opinion, I think that its crucial that a customer be happy and proud of their chosen product, even after newer more fashionable products are released over the years. Still, I often wonder if this is true for the majority of folks out there, particularly in such a fast paced environment the places newness above more practical concerns.

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