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Default RE: Kids starting on a CARVE99 [2003] with kids rig

Hi Crazychemical,
I apologize for stating what I have found to be the truth, 100's of times over the last 10 years.
As Duracell suggests, just because you are a surfer (windsurfer), and learned from your father, does not mean that you and your father did it the "easiest" way.
Kids camps focus on the kids having maximum fun, and less on learning to windsurf.
Kids have a farily short attention span, and they tire quickly when doing things (using muscles) that they've never done before.
So, kids camps are all about ensuring the kids have lots of fun, with kids their own age, while learning to windsurf.
They do things like "pile ups" (how many kids does it take to sink a Start board), let the kids just float around on a big board with no sail or mast foot and play "who's on the board" and who can get them off it.
It's fun and playfulness that will "hook" your child.
Also, teaching your own kids, or wife (significant other) something completely new is normally not a good idea because the problems that come up in the teaching/learning, get transferred somehow into the relationships.
I've heard this....." how can you love me, if when you were trying to teach me to windsurf, all you did was yell at me that I was doing it wrong". I guess you can see where this goes
But, it sounds like you are going to do it anyway.
So, kneel on the front of the hybrid formula and let your daughter do the sailing.
At first you can help her with uphauling, getting the board into alignment, stepping behind the mast foot, balancing the rig and sailing off across the wind.
Then you can help here through her first tacks and jibes.
You can put your hand on the bottom of the mast and help her at first, making sure she has good footwork and follows all the steps.
Then you slowly begin to let her take more and more of the load.
If anything happens, you can let her sit on the front of the board and you can sail back to shore or at least give her a "breather" while she recovers her stength and desire to windsurf.
Will you look ridiculous sailing a 2.7 m2 rig.... of course you will, but that's going to be your commitment to teaching your daughter safely, and giving her a fun learning experience.
I teach at least 100 kids per year, and have a very high success rate.
Many of them come back next year to sail with me, but won't sail with mom or dad because they get yelled at.
Do mom and dad teach them the "easy way to windsurf" techniques?
So, I can take them out on a board or use the tow system and the kid can sail around nicely, then they are off the tether and sailing completely on their own, in 10 or 15 minutes from the first time they step onto a board.
But next year they come back and have all these "bad habits" that don't make windsurfing easy. They picked up the bad habits from their parents and other well meaning sailors who haven't thought about what's the easiest way to learn to windsurf.
The techniques we use in the "A Taste of Windsurfing" are quite different from what you see most schools and most adults doing.
We've refined a number of different "technique sets"over the years to what really works for the most students (both adults and kids).
Wish I could come over to Italy and share these techniques with you.
Hope this helps,
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