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Default RE: Kids starting on a CARVE99 [2003] with kids rig

Hi Drzone,
Hmmmmm... Youtube video.....?
Nice, I never thought of that.
I just may do something like what you are suggesting later this summer.
Most of the technique we use is already available on the US Sailing training site.
Also, US Windsurfing sells the "Beth Powell Simulator Drills" CD for a nominal fee.
This simulator sequence, slightly modified, is pretty much what we use.
Only real differences are we teach "a faster turn" tacking (driving the nose of the board up through the eye of the wind with sail power), and
stepping over the mast vice stepping around the mast.
Getting behind the mast foot, balancing the rig, rotate the shoulders (from the hips) to power up the rig, it all pretty much identical to the CD.
Hope this helps,
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