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Default From how many knots does S-Type 137 planes at 87kg

Dear Roger & Ellen

My husband weighs 87 kg (190cm) and doesn't have a good pumping technique.

He has got a FF-158 2004 and a Sailworks Retro 11.0m? for the light winds. He doesn't use it often because he doesn't like to carry big sails.
Like second board he has got an Aero 127 2006. He has used it up to now with a Retro 7.5m? and can plane only from 14 knots on or so. We have just bought a Retro 8.5m? but he didn't use it on the Aero yet. Although he feels that he cannot plane early on the Aero he loves the turny and loose feeling of it.

Now he would like to buy a 3rd board - an S-Type 137 and use it with the Retro 7.5 or 8.5 in the hope that he can plane from 10/11 knots on.
Is that realistic?
Is a 8.5m? on the S-Type 137 not too big for his weight? Once he used my Retro 9.0m? on it and thought that it didn't feel right.
Although I think he might plane earlier with an Isonic 135/133 he thinks he would prefer the turny feeling of the S-Type (he tested it last week).

Looking forward to your reaction

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