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Default Beginner to intermediate - which board? S-Cross 140 or Bic Nova 165?


I am very new to this fantastic sport, I just love it!
I have been out in the water just 20 times,
I want to buy my own board and rig now and I made my homework with what is available around my area (Athens - Greece) - mostly flat water and light wind.
I came across a second hand bic techno 283 150lt (2006 €400), a second hand bic nova 165lt (2006 €400) which has an optional center fin, a new exocet s-cross mc140lt (€700) and a new starboard GO 139lt (€850).
I was thinking to buy a new Aerotech sail 6.2 or 6.8 m2 (€500 for full rig).
So far I trained on a Starboard Start 200lt and 5.5 m2 sail.
I had some friends/shops recommeding me the bic 283 or nova 165 as for the volume but other would suggest the Scross 140, more difficult in the start but faster learning!
If I would look it as cost, the Exocelt SCross 140 would have a longer life span and therefore an overall lower cost.
I would very welcome your experienced advice and look forward to any suggestion.
Thank you in advance.
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