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Del Carpenter
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Default RE: safe chemicals to clean sails

Thank you, all.

Just before I started to test some acetone and paint thinner I had to degrease my hands from another project. I used "Goop" to clean my hands, read the label and wondered if it would remove the glue residue. i applied a few drops with a finger in a tiny area and rubbed it in then I quickly wiped it off with a tissue. I noticed that area of the glue wasn't sticky anymore. Then I rubbed the nonsticky residue with a fingernail and it came off.

I'm now testing leaving some "Goop" on the monofilm of a junked sail overnight. The "Goop" ingredients are "isoparafins, water, fatty acid, surfactants, gylcerine, lanolin, fragrance, preservatives. I'm hoping the "Goop" will turn out to be safe for the monofilm, but I'm also guessing it will require more rubbing work and will be slower than the other solutions already mentioned.

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