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Default RE: Kombat 2005 vs 2006


Many people love their 05 Kombats but as often the case, the boards have improved over the years. Between 05 and 06 there was also a slight shift in "vision" about the Kombat koncept, I would say, and the 05 boards are a bit more "EVO style" with turnier rockers, softer rails and a more controlled oriented bottom shape. 06 boards got a faster rockers and a v bottom and 07 then thinner rails and a new trick v bottom design which improved turning, especiallt "high performance turning" at high speeds.

So, comparing betwen these, 07 and 06 are farily similar and 07 only improves some aspects of the ride butt the general feel is the same. These are boards that indded have a "wide user appeal" since they are both good turners, plane up early and efficiently and are fast also with little sailor input. Ver good all round boards.

The 05 version can be said to have less user appeal, but that comment needs to be specified. The boards are slower and slower to plane - or better put, they need some more sail power to get going. On the other hand they are looser on a wave, particularly on a smaller wave where you're doing tight twitchy turns. They also handle rought water in an exceptional way. The 06-07 is unusually good though chop too, but the 05 boards really excel in this aspect. The peoeple who use the 05 Kombats in this way generally like the A LOT.

But for the sailing you describe, I do think a 06 or preferably 07 would feel better. A 05 will work too though, but no doubt the 07 is a better mix of the qualities you seem to be after.

Hope this helps.
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