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Default RE: Isonic 115 & Light-wind setup

Thanks a lot for your help.
I am having a diff time with my 115 and light wind stuff. Even though I am able to plane, I am only able to do it by going downwind. It feels like I am not getting enough resistance from my fin ( specially at low speeds ). But I am not sure if it has to do with the fin or technique.
Could you please give me some tips to plane earlier and going upwind in light winds on my I-115 ?
So far I found that lowering the boom ( few cm below the mid point of the cut ) helps to go upwind in marginal winds; although I am not sure if this is logical or not ( cause I am putting more weight on the board )
Where should I place the mast track ? ( now 3/4 forward )
And straps ? Now I am using them all the way back; is this ok ?
And finally, would a flatter sail profile help in this case ? or a deep profile is better to create more power ?
Thanks in advance !
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