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Default RE: SB2007 website is online now, please post your comment here.

The new site appears to be working a lot better than a week ago, though I'm a little confused by the method used for posting new threads on the forums.

When I click the "NEW THREAD" button whilst in either a particular forum or thread and the new thread window opens, it is not at all clear what many of the functions in the window actually do (especially most of the functions under the text window apart from bold, italics and underline symbols). I think a "forum help" button for new (and not so new) forum users with an explanation of all functions and terms (including open, locked and sticky threads) would be a great help!

Also, it is not explained anywhere that in order to post a new thread onto a particular forum, the "Forum" button needs to be clicked. I thought that something like "Post new thread" or "Post on Forum" would be more self explanatory.

For the un-initiated (like me):
Q1: What is the difference between the forum "Threads" and the forum "Subjects" as displayed in the main index of each forum?
Q2: What is the "Discussion Forum" button for?
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