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Default RE: RE: Beginner to intermediate - which board? S-Cross 140 or Bic Nova 165?

Many thanks for the advice.
I found a another second hand Bic Classic 283, I will check it up tomorrow.
If it is in good condition than I will most like it go for this option as I woud not like to make a hole in a new top quality board. The only nice thing about the Scross is that if it goes trought the initial "starter abuse" than I could keep it for reasonable time (longer lifespan) and it would work out cheaper.
Somebody has advised to go for the Starboard Phantom (similar to the hybrid) but it looks a boat rather that a windsurfing board! It has center fin which supposed to be more stable and better upwind performace as I understand it but I am not sure whether it is possible planning with this board. Any suggestions?
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