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Default RE: More on Formula Boards with Freeride/Freerace Sails

Hi Pete

I have to agree with you. I've had a FF158 and an Ft158, but now have a lovely old 2001 F155 wood. I know it's getting a bit long in the tooth, ( but then so am I :-) but I am enjoying the thicker boxier rails of the formula design over the freerace design of the FT.

I use mine with a Simmer zero seven 9m which is a 7 batten RAF sail.

I much prefer the more locked in feeling the formula gives. I never really worked out why you'd even try to make a board like this a "nice jiber" by rounding the tail and losing that solid underfoot support. For me sailing such big boards and sails, a nice jibe is the last thing on my mind :-).

BTW the F155 is a real rocketship. I've passed more people on the f155 with either the 9m Simmer or an old 1998 7m North Spectro than on any other board. And the straps seem to be positioned perfectly.
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