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Default RE: More on Formula Boards with Freeride/Freerace Sails

Hi Pete and Rod..
I agree with both of you (except I had the 155 too once and didn't really like it ;-)..
I've got a formula 159 and use it with a 8.5 (will probably get a bigger one day) and I have absolutely no negative observations about this set up (won't win races though). And as true as it's said it doesn't make sense to de tune a formula board to make it an easy jiber. There are plenty of other options in this category like bigger Carves, Go's etc.
The stance on my 159 is perfect even with the relatively small sail. It's powerfull, points very good, goes downwind very good, planes very good, so no problem in having a good freeride blast on a formula with a "smaler" freerace sail.B)
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