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Default Severne Glide weight

Hi Roger,

Based on what I've read I'm thinking of getting a Severne Glide to go with my soon to be ordered Serenity. One of the reasons I'm using to justify a Glide purchase is lighter weight (relative to available power in a freeride sails). I've definitely read people say the Glide lighter than other sails. However, it occurs to me that I should really verify how much lighter it is before shelling out the $$$ since it is a pricey sail! So my question to you is do you know how much the Glide actually weighs vs a comparable sized sail like a Retro 7.5? Also, if the Glide actually produces power closer to a Retro 8.5 or 9.0, it would be interesting to know what those weigh.

Thanks for all your advice. You have helped me choose gear many times in the past and I'm always the better for it. Your input is very appreciated!

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