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Default RE: Drake fins, cheap but not chearful

The Drake 40 fin on my Aero 127 was actually useless. I won't really use it anymore as it doesn't do anything well. The 32 weed fin that came with the board seemed ok, but the fitting to the box left a little gap that would not only catch but also trap seaweed so it's useless in my (weedy) area. Hmm.. Generally the fins on my smaller boards (Carve 111 and S-type 115) have been too small so I rarely use them at all. On my bigger Carves they were quite okay.
I really doubt if boards (except for beginner boards) should be sold with any fins at all. If the dealer could keep a range of fins it would be very nice to choose for ourselves. We could also save a little $$$ if we could buy boards without fins and maybe use the ones we have already (I have more than 10 fins in my quiver already). When we buy a rig all the parts are optional. Only beginners will buy a complete rig.
Why not optional fins and straps on boards??
Very few formula sailors (on competition level) I know use the Drake fin on the formula boards. Other brands like Fanatic don't bother to deliver their race boards with a fin.
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