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Default RE: Windsurfing GPS Team Challenge

Regarding sponsorship for each country, the way we did it was to advertise if anyone was interested in being the event sponsor and many were interested and one sydney shop said they would make a generous offer if they could have the naming rights, and offered a board sail and mast, to be drawn at random. Someone has offered a Trophy to the overall winner of the challenge. So each country could organise something similar, and STARBOARD could be a sponsor, or eneter teams in every country?

Somewhere along the line we need to try and recover costs, as its costs us $Thousands of AUD to set up so far, and each time we buy a domain name it costs us $150. If it goes global then we might allow advertising to recover costs, or we may charge each country a small registration fee to cover the domain name cost and admin, but it would never more than about $10 Euro per competitor if 50 competitors per country, and obviously less if much more than 50. As a gift to the australian windsurfing community we did it all for free, but we are just average people on average incomes and cannot afford to do it free for the world, but cost recovery is all we would want from competitors, somewhere between either $2, $5, or $10 Euro dollars per competitor should be able to recover costs, or a sponsor or Windsurfing association cover the costs setup is $150 AUD per domain name and then admin costs, which we would keep at lowest possible amount.
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