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Default isonic 105 - 111 - 115 ?


I would like to know which isonic fit best my profile:
level: intermediate (planing, jibing ok but still improving)
weight: 68kg
water: mainly lakes, flat / chop
wind: 12-20 knots
sails: 5,7 - 7,2(sweet spot) (could get a 8,x but no bigger)

I have the opportunity to get a 105 wood (2006) at a very good price but I am concerned about its ease of use / early planing compared to the 115 and the 111 (2007) that may fit better to me.

Another question: how dram compare to wood in term of performance vs. durability ?
I' have seen that other brands' slalom boards can get holes in the hull just for being layed on an occasional stone in the sand.

Any help is appreciated.

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