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Default Evo 62 verses A68

I have been sailing an E70 for about 8 months after years of sailing trad waveboards and definitely think it has added a new dimension to my sailing both in onshore and cross shore conditions. However on the more extreme days (30 to 35 knots) this is a wide board to jump and control in the air gets sketchy. I admit part of this is lack of TOW but I still think that while the E70 is an easy board to sail around in these conditions they are often to messy and blown out for good waveriding. I figure that a smaller board may be a solution but which one. The A68 gets great reviews from the guys that sail it, seems to have more flow than the Siver A70 I had once. The E62 nice and small but I don't imagine that there are many out there and I imagine that resale may be difficult. There is wavesailing footage of the north coast of Tasmania on youtube under Nomadic Tasmania and footage of guys sailing A68s on the west coast under "Wavesailing at the edge of the world".None of the footage is of me but any feedback particularly about the E62 would be appreciated.I weigh 73 kg.
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