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Default RE: Drake fins, cheap but not chearful

Hi All,

This is always an interesting discussion, and yes it's been around before (maybe a few times), and yes, more importantly, there are always a number of different perspectives and viewpoints.

First up, if a customer has a product with a valid manufacture defect, then obviously the warranty system is in place to deal with that.

Definitely, along the way of producing a large number of fins for a very wide range of models over many years, there have been a few misses. Some caused by manufacturing issues, some because the spec of the fin was so not ideal to the board and some because the riders expectation (or use of the product) did not match the design intention.

There's no doubt performance of the board can be changed and potentially improved by using more specific and higher performance fins, which also are typically rather expensive.

The fin/s supplied with the boards are in general quite a reasonable solution, especially for average use, and the cost adder (and thus saving if deleted at manufacturing level) is not massive, which tends to weigh in favor of continuing to support the majority of the market's preference for a complete "package", rather than board only.

Of course, not everyone (esp on this page) will agree with that - and we wouldn't expect everyone too either.

Customers always have the option of negotiating with their dealer at purchase over a customer "specific" request or preferences like fins or straps.

Cheers ~ Ian
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