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Default RE: Windsurfing GPS Team Challenge

Well interest needs to be determined by how many people ask us to create a website for us. To date in Australia we got 24 Teams, with 125 windsurfers registering.

Globally we have only just started putting the idea out there, and so far we have had about 11 responses from 4 different nations. So it depends how it goes. I geuss if people don't want to pay anything to compete, then it is up to a sponsor, to fund the competition, someone like a Starboard, or a large sail manufacturer, could sponsor a global website?

It's hard to know which way to go. Because we had relationships in Australia and people knew us, we have had a large response, but people from around the world don't know who we are, so they have no relationship and wonder who the hell are these people, what are they trying to do.??

I think it will take some time to establish our credibility and trust, then maybe people will embrace our idea.

In the end it is about windsurfers and the industry benefitting. In Australia we are in the off-season, and there's been more sales of windsurfing gear this winter, than any previous winter, if the feedback shops are giving us is any indication. So shops, the industry and all windsurfers can benefit from such a concept? I think it will take us some time to build crdibility and relationships.
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