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Default RE: Drake fins, cheap but not chearful

Hi Ian,

You wrote: "The fin/s supplied with the boards are in general quite a reasonable solution, especially for average use" [/quote]
So, an iSonic is for "average use", and should be used with fins that are a "reasonable" (read: "average") solution? Is that how the SB marketing team are positioning the iSonic range? I am sure that Svein will be thrilled.
Seriously Ian, there have been so many complaints for so long in this forum about the slalom fins! it is difficult to comprehend why SB continue to bury their head in the sand , and disappoint their customers. We slalom sailors love the brand and its fabulous iSonic boards, but we can only wish that we could be as happy with the fins supplied with slalom boards, as the wave sailors are with theirs.
I am not a very technical sailor, and for me a good fin is simply one that does not spin out easily, and on the rare occasions when it does, stops doing so as soon as I take pressure off the back foot. Pretty basic stuff, huh? When my board keeps spinning out with the suppiied fin, and stops doing so as soon as I change for another fin, that's when I call the supplied fin "crap". Some of the fins supplied with the iSonics have been indeed "reasonable solutions", i.e. the performance is decent, and the board may be sailed with them without massive frustration, but too many supplied fins have been crap.
JP have a policy that makes a lot of sense: they sell their slalom boards without a fin, but they have one available (at an extra cost) for those customers who do not have already fins that will fit their new board. Why can't SB listen to its customers, and do the same?
Since we are on the issue of fins: I have only had SB boards for years. Last year, I renewed my quiver of boards; I had to sand down many of my fins, because the fin boxes on all the new SB were smaller than on the older ones. How pleasant!
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