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Default RE: Drake fins, cheap but not chearful

Drake Slalom Pro is not that bad... But delamination is a problem with some of these fins if you push them at higher speeds (40 knots)

My conclusion is that you need a smaller Drake vin than in same circumstances b.e. Tectonics.

Drake fins are pretty strong for bumping in ground etc. Drake fins are overall very good. gybing/topspeed/long distance/chop/flat/overpowerd/underpowerd/etc

But just for topspeed and 500m I think the Tectonics are faster.

I have had:

Drake Slalom Pro 28
Drake Slalom Pro 30
Drake Slalom Pro 32
Drake Slalom Pro 34
Drake RACE 34 (hypersonic 105)
Drake Slalom Pro 38
Drake SRB6 40
Drake Slalom Pro 44
Drake RACE 44 (hypersonic 105)

Other brands:

Tectonics Falcon F1 24
Tectonics Falcon F1 26
Tectonics Falcon F1 28
Tectonics Falcon F1 30
Select Lightning Speed 30
Select Lightning Speed 32
Tectonics Goldwing 36

Here are my best 500m speeds in kmh and knots (not all same spot/wind/board/sail etc)

1 Tectonics Falcon F1---30 ---34.88knots
2 Tectonics Falcon F1---28---34.72knots
3 Drake slalom pro-----28---32.61knots
4 Drake slalom pro-----30---31.64knots
5 Tectonics Goldwing---36---30.02knots
6 Drake slalom pro-----32---29.37knots
7 Drake slalom pro-----34---27.97knots

By the way, at the moment I just have 4 drake fins left of the collection, and these will be sold soon. Because my bro (we share equipment) doesnt like isonics (we have iS105 iS135) because they are short. And Isonic need to be driven very powerfull.

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