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Default RE: Drake fins, cheap but not chearful

"Average use" and "average solution" ... hmm... I would say this equates to "recreational use"

For me, my iSonic 105 isn't primarily for racing or high speed. It is for recreational use... this seems pretty average to me. Yes, I do use it for racing members of my club. Yes, I do use it to try to attain the fastest speed in my club.

Would I have purchased an iSonic if it had a more expensive fin? That would have increased the cost, and with me being so much lighter than many sailors out there, I wouldn't trust it would be a good fin option for me. That extra cost would have been an inhibitor to the sale, not an asset. I prefer to get a low-cost fin for starters, learn the board and how I ultimately will use it, then I am willing to go out and purchase a better quality fin.

So far, for the iSonic 105, I've been pretty happy with the stock fins. I've just about broken 30 knots in less than ideal conditions. Yes, I know I would probably go faster with a more exact fin. I've been using my iS105 for over a year now, and I'm thinking it is time to shell out the money for a new fin.

What I would like to see is a list of recommended high-quality fins and the general use characteristics. This sort of matrix that broken things down by sailor weight as well as sail size and water conditions would be a useful piece of information. I imagine people who are more competitive than me would like to benefit from the experiences of the people who tested the iSonics during development and thereafter. Of course, nothing beats testing a combination yourself, but at least it would give people a starting point. Then, they could be more competitive earlier in the season by going out and buying fins that will help the board really take off.

Erik, I assume your 34.88 knots was with the iSonic 105? I haven't had much reason to use my 30cm Goldwing yet with my 105. What sail range do you use your Falcon with?
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