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Default RE: Drake fins, cheap but not chearful

It's funny, everybody says that the Drakes are decent fins, but no one makes any comments about the Deboichet Designs. I agree that the Drakes are quite often OK fins (with the notable exception of the infamous 34 and 44 supplied with the original HyperSonics), and I will use them occasionally. However if I use the Deboichet Design supplied with the iSonic 105, the board keeps spinning out. That fin does a disservice to this great board; why do not SB stick to the Drake design?
O2bnme, I use my 105 with a 6.6 race sail and a 34 cm Tectonics Goldwing, it's a perfect combination for my 78 kgs, it allows me to really load the fin. However I once mistakenly put my 28 cm Goldwing on the board (still with my 6.6), and the board was still going very nicely (I only had a couple of spinouts during that session); so depending on your weight, sail size and sailing style, your 30 cm Goldwing might work very well on your 105.
Steve, I think that the savings of a "no fins" option would more likely amount to $50 PER FIN, i.e. $100 for 2 fins.
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