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Default RE: Drake fins, cheap but not chearful

Mystery gets deeper...

Funny thing the Drake Pro fins are actually Deboichet licensed designs. I don't think JJD is willing to have his design associated with lesser performing fins, so I have to guess that he did not "downgraded" the design and the main differences between the Drake Pro and the real thing are in materials and build. And I really can not understand this. Because the cost of materials in a fin can not be that much due to small dimensions.
It sounds incredible to me that a good series manufacturing method for fins is nt available. I can even remember that at least in my experience FinWorks produced a rather proficient Pro moulded series out of their Wing designs; and that the former Deboichet and Techtonics design stock fins supplied with my old RRD 281 and 278 slalom boards proved quite nice (even when handed a proto cnc by Roberto for test on my 278, I overall preferred the stock fin for more consistent performance).
Some manufacturer is now offering slalom boards with stock cnc/G10 fins and that may look a solution; but IMvvvHO moulded fins are the way to go with stock fins, in order to achieve consistent durable performance.
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