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Default RE: new Aero (Kombat) 127

Well, I have not riddern the Kombat-Aeros yet and can olny base my answer on the 2006 A117 and that I know that rocker, v, rails etc is not changed - only outline is.

My guess based on this is that the KA117 will actually fit someone your size better. People heavier than you have used the 06 A117 with sails all the way up to 9.0. I think an 8.5 will be manageable on the KA117 and with sails aroun 6 it will definitely be better in size.

I actually like the A117 on flat water, but its a more technical ride than a Carve. Once going it rides pretty easy, but planing requires a bit more active techique - you can't "just stand there" but have to actively "push" the board onto a plane.

Also on a wave I believe the KA117 will fit your weight better.
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