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Yep, tried it but I'm not sure this is faster : nose pearled more than usual. Acceptable when going upwind agaisnt steep chop or dead downwind in 1-2 knots of wind.

However, in true 5 knots of wind, faster so far is to stand behind the carryhandle to decrease the wetted hull surface : typical board speed of 7-10 knots are reliably reached with a big 10.6 sail, mast-track set at 50% and stock 70 cm fin. At 7-8 knots board speed, the nose is rising above the water at the level of the painted tiki's feet. At 10 knots board speed, the nose is above the water up to the mast-track level and at 12 knots board speed, almost half of the hull is above the water up to the carryhandle level, sort of planing at top speed (riding the stock 70 cm fin at such high speed starts to become a real balancing and steering challenge as well).

Cheers !

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