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Default RE: Power Jibe: how to flip the sail

I can do the boom to boom method but I dont know if its any better or more efficient. For a slower wider carve jibe when I start to flip the sail I let my front hand slide along the boom until its next to the mast and the rig pivots around this front hand until I let go and grab the boom on the other side.

With fast tight carve jibes the same applies but everything happens in the blink of an eye.

I think the secret is when the rig starts to rotate you pull it closer to your body with your front hand which makes it easier to rotate and you are in a better, more balanced position to grab the boom on the other side when it flips.

This is assuming your doing everything else correct going into the jibe, fully committed, knees bent leaning into the turn. Maybe thats not the best explanation but thats how I sort of visualize it.
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