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I think you misunderstood what I said. In 7-8 knots of wind, board speed is toping at about 12 knots with the 10.6 sail. This is time to jump on the HS105 with the same sail, up to 12 knots of wind with my 65 kg. So, the board + 70 cm fin combo is clearly becoming the limiting factor to further speed increase and not the sail by itself. True, in higher wind, a smaller sail should be fine on the Serenity as long as the board speed doesn't exceed 12 knots, i.e., when half of the hull is raised above the water at the level of the carryhandle. I surmise the same speed toping at ± 12 knots will occur, whatever the sail size in stronger wind. I don't know if anybody has reached a board speed higher than that, especially with a small fin ?

Bigger sail doesn't sink the nose down IMHO. An extremely baggy 10.6 does it but a flatter trim does not (both with mast track set at 50%). In other words, when the CE is way far forward, the nose can pearl and I need to move my weight a bit more aft. When the CE is further back, no pearling problems. In both case, standing behind the carry handle proved to be optimal so far. Further testing/fine tuning/tweaking remains to be done I reckon...

Agree, give your 9.5 sail a trial on your Serenity, I bet you might be surprised how quickly you can go in very light wind.

Cheers !

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