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Regarding sb's post above, just a word of caution. With my switch to RDMs, I did some research on the different mast extensions that incorporate the Euro-pin concept. I really liked the bulletproof nature of the latest Streamline red skinny mast extension, and I was fully prepared to buy one. However, my strategy also included using Chinook's latest stainless steel universal which I acquired last summer.

Surprisingly, when I went to buy the Streamline mast extension, I found that the Chinook Euro-pin doesn't work in combination with it. Although the mast extension accepts the Chinook pin, it didn't properly lock into place. I should point out that there were no problems whatsoever with use of the Streamline Euro-pin universal in combination with the Streamline mast extension. Later, I did some checking and found that the Streamline universal incorporates the North brand pin, so there's something unusual or different about Chinook's pin that creates the problem. It's interesting to note that there was no problem integrating a Fiberspar skinny mast extension with the Chinook Euro-pin universal. Yet, I ultimately found that the Fiberspar mast extension was seriously flawed and not worthy of use.

So, if you plan to mix and match different brand Euro-pin universals with the Streamline product, you would be wise to check the connection to ensure that its viability.

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