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Default RE: iSonic105 technical ride

Hi PG and steveC,

While I do tend to agree with you based on commom sense and physics my own experience leads me to a different conclusion given certain conditions.
IMHO in fresh water and gusty winds more volume won't hurt much either way low or high winds. Example: with my C111 and 6.5 GTX I?ve never felt it to be too big for that sail size at the conditions above. However with the same combo but at a sea bay my C111 felt really big. I could have gone few liters less easily.
Same experience when I went to Aruba where I could easily sail smaller boards compared to my place when powered up by same sail size. So density of water and wind play a considerable difference.
I might be wrong in my conclusions but so far I could not think of any different reason for.
A little more volume puts you on a place sooner and if the gusts are not long enough you might keep slugging with a smaller board.
My point is how much volume versus sail size will work better?
I'm not a FW guy and do not want to go that way but I think I would plane in 7 knots with FW and 11m sail. Having said that what would be the earliest non FW planner for a 8.5 sail?
I wish I had the opportunity to test different sizes to compare them and make the right choice.
I'm glad I can use this forum to get some valuable opinions and experiences though.

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