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Default RE: repost: the life jacket problem

awsome guys. I was thinking maybe an impact vest like the prolimit one that crazychemical was talking about. I was looking at helmets too. I was thinking a whie water kyak one would be interesting to try. They fit close to the head, can help with major speed into rocks and ya.

Also, I find that ridiculus for windsurfers here in canada to carry a life jacket or not as well as a whistle. Almost all the time, you are sailing with people and ya. lol My friend got busted and had to pay 350 bucks for not wearing a life jacket. I can understand on the ocean where this can be dangerous and you might need a whistle and lots of boyancy, but a lake?

So I am thinking of getting an impact vest, telling my parents that the extra floatation comes at a cost (saftey, manueverablility etc) and il wear a helmet instead.

One more quetsion, what are you guys talking about face protection? like a hockey cage kind of thing? or mouth gaurd...
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