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Default RE: the whole life jacket thing

I do have an older life jacket for kayaking that I can use. It is really bulky and I don't like the design too much. I will have to look into getting another one. I needed it today. I was overpowered on a 6.6 (its an old one too) and wasn't in control all of the time. Plus waterstarting was made difficult by the chop that kept pulling my 6.6 under (others were on 5.8's and 5.0s)

When the gusts came and I just finished a tack (stupid choice but anyways) it seemed like the sail just wanted to get backwinded. I could barley sheet in and could only go upwind. What gives? I had a 48 cm fin (stock one) with my Go 139 and a well tuned 6.6.

tks for the help
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