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Default RE: the whole life jacket thing

ok... I can get into the backstrap under mastfoot pressure alone, I don't have to be planning, it just involves a lot of leaning over the board. I guess I should work on pumping to make that easier. Mind you, we took this picture in underpowered conditions with my rig still set up for overpowered conditions. My harness lines are 22-28 inchs long and I always feel like they are just too short to raise the boom anymore. I am going to look into getting longer ones and that might help. Do you think with my boom up higher, i will get more weight of the board and it will be easier to take the weight off my back foot? should I get into the straps when I am fully planning? or try and get the back one in when I am trying in the picture.

also, is there some way to pump while in the straps and hooked in?

Tks for your help,

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