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Default RE: Compulsory Registration ?

Not to throw fuel on the fire, but just want to add a little perspective. The Starboard forum was one of the few I'd come across that didn't have a registration requirement, so I think its now just following the norm and is no big deal. If you want to know just how bad a forum can get, then think about this. I am a videographer and also do post production motion graphics and 3D graphic work. One of the 3D programs I was learning was supported by a forum, and I wrote in asking about render times, noting that the software took a long time to actually render out 3D images. Well, turns out the owner/president of this company actually goes on-line every night, and if he finds someone saying anything the least bit negative about his product, he either deletes it, or better yet, rewords your post to make it sound like you're praising his software instead of having issues with it. So much for freedom of speech! I went back to check my post, and was shocked to see it had been completely re-written. Now, could you imagine this forum being run that way? You have to register, but at least you get to say your bit and have your opinion out there.
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