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Default Replacing my S-type 115


I have a three board quiver consisting of Kombat 87w, s-type 115 d-ram and iSonic 122w.

I’m now looking to replace the s-type 115 in favor of something smaller, faster, which can handle chop and strong winds even better and also due to the fact that I feel there’s a certain overlap between the st115 and the iS122. I already have a buyer for the st115 so keeping it is not an option.

What I’m looking for is a slalomy blasting board that sits just sweet in between the K87 and the iS 122. I intend to use 7,0 + 6,0 + 5,4 nocam freeride sails on the smaller board I’m now going for. When the wind drops a bit I’m on iS and 7,5 or 9,0 cammed freerace sails. When the wind picks up or waves are building up I’m on K87 and 4,7 or 5,4 crossover sails.

I have considered the s-type 104, s-type 93 and even the iSonic 94. Rider weight 85 kgs with some 10 years experience of our sport. I sail costal conditions with equal amounts of swells, chop and mirror flat sweet blasting waters. What do you recommend me to get?


/ Andy
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