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Default RE: Nose protector Aero 127

Hello Ilan:
Not sure if you will like it , but I have a suggestion or two to get a better fit on the "M" nose protector.
You might want to try putting some blocks of wood (2 or 3) to "spread the
legs of the nose protector out more to the shape of your board.
If the sides won't "reposition" then perhaps drilling a small hole right in the center of the round white or grey area at the back of the center of the nose protector and then cutting from the back surface to the hole you drilled.
This should allow you to stretch the sides out to conform much better with the shape of the nose on your Aero.
A small hole and cutting the nose protector in this manner will in no way
change it's function.
Also, if you try the wooden blocks to "stretch" the sides out, you may want to leave them in place when you glue the nose protector to your board. Then when the glue sets up, the nose protetor should be held at that curvature by the glue.
You might try a "L" nose protector, but I think it will prove to be too large a radius and will not fit, but for the opposite reason (too wide vs too narrow).
Hope this helps,
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