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Default RE: Replacing my S-type 115

Phill104 wrote:
Of all the wood boards I have seen or owned I've never had a problem. Considering how badly I treat my boards (especially by leaving them wet in their bags) and how often I sail this must say something good about their construction.
humor yourself:
take 10 coins (something like a quarter or euro) don't think you'll need that many)
drop 1 coin from 1 meter onto your board
(ding?) -> stop, how many coins (<=3?)?
(no ding)-> tape that coin(s) to another coin and repeat (goto start

my Is133 already got a ding from a fin (40cm) head that slipped out of its sheath and fell 10-15 cm.

I love the performance of the board but the quality sucks. I would have gotten it in technora but only available from iS145 on.
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