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Default RE: Minimum sail size for Formula Exp 160

Hey, well, say Force 3-4 is about 7-16 knots (as I compare better here). I weight 70 kilos and for that winds my only sail is Overdrive 11.0. Will say that for recreational use you can go for a smaller sail.

If you want to take the most of that range, say, 7-16 knots the 11.0 will be perfect, but if you dont have too much experience with big sails, then go for a 10.0. Overdrives are very good sails for this purpose, maybe a no cam sail can also be a good choice.

If you are not really confident with big sails, never have tried one or really are scared of it, I should reccomend not less than a 9.0 conventional sail, or maybe a Glide 7.5, as this is a really powerfull sail.

What i mean is that in the first beggining a big sail can feel heavy weight compared to 6.0s or similar, but will give you great range to have fun in very light winds, but still controllable in those 15-16knot days. I think this modern sails can do the job.

ABout the FE 160 is a great board, early planner, good pricing and durable. Best choice for someone that wants to get into Formula.

Best luck!

Ricardo Guglielmino
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