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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Replacing my S-type 115

Hi Andy/Klint,

The ST93 is definitely a good fun choice - and would size between K87 and iS122 much better than most think (this also allowing for the fact that the 122 has a very useful "upper " wind range as well, which will get you nicely into ST93 6.0-6.5m territory) ST 93 won't do so good with 7m/85kg.

iS101 is definitely a more freeridy race solution than classic slalom boards of that volume and also fits very nicely (both by size and more importantly effective range) between the K87 and iS122 - but carrying the proviso the ride is really more "slalom" style and not the B&J ride (or construction) of the ST93.

ST104 also fit's ideally, and if you really want this new midsize board to have a lot of 7m range, but still the reactive, less locked down ride of the iS101, then the ST104 could be a better compromise.
But if you're not too concerned about compromising 7m use on the mid board, then think about ST93 as being an exciting and versatile option.

Cheers ~ Ian

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