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Default RE: Minimum sail size for Formula Exp 160

thanks for the info on the sails, I'll look into them

Ken wrote:

rgugli offers good advice, but what's missing is your skill level and experience. It's difficult to offer advice without this information.

I am a recreational sailor (23 years), but I have sailed and raced formula boards for 6 years. Sail size depends on board type, sailor weight, wind speed, water conditions, sailor experience, racing or recreational use & budget ($).

Provide some of the above information and we can offer better advice.

OK, let's see:
level of experience, I'm happy sailing with cambers up to 8-8.5, but that's my limit, never tried anything bigger
most of the time I use something up to 7.0

it's for recreational use, but thinking that if I like it and I'm not too bad, I'd try to race

budget, I'm not rich, but I don't mind spending some money, I'd be looking at buying a single sail to start with

board type, as I said, I'm thinking on the Starboard Formula Exp

wind speed, mostly Force 3, once I can handle that then I'd go out with Force 4, anything stronget, for the moment I'd just go with "normal" boards, the water is a bit chopy (Med)

what sails from Severne and North would be suitable for this?

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