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Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the delay, I have a relative seriously ill (fortunately she´s recovering) so I was out of the forum the last few days.
The Drake 42 (deboichet design) is slightly wider that the Debo SL2 but i don´t feel any difference in power, but the SL2 seems to be a little bit faster and have a more confortable feeling than the Drake.
I don´t find noticeable upwind performance difference between them.
I didn´t tried the Mean Line fins with the 111 (I have a 36 cm one) but I´m just planning to try it with the 7.7 (overpowered) and 6.7 sails and then I will tell you my XP.



PD My mail is, so you can write me in spanish if you want
The chassis:
Isonic 2009 122/101/86 , F2 Mauiproject W 90 lts

The motors:
Slalom: Code red 8.8 NP RSR 7.8/6.7 evo/6.2 evo NP RS6 5.4
Wave: NP zone 4.4 North Ice 4.7/5.3

The rider: Age 48 (yeah, I know, so old, but still on form)
Height 1,84 m
Weight 87 kg
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