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Default RE: new Aero (Kombat) 127

I briefly had the KA127 and then replaced it with the KA117 and am almost as happy with it as I used to be with my A117. I weigh ~ 80 Kg and If your not WELL over 90 Kg I would NOT recommend the KA127.

KA117 is a bit slower than Carve on flat water (KA127 too) (but then again, most people won't notice, have easily taken out Hypers and Carves on my A117).
KA117 will be tons more fun than a Carve in chop/waves always wanting to get a bit of AIR.

Wind range: for me >= 14kts ~ 25kts (but of course not solid 25kts just gusts).

Sail range: I'm comfortable with 5.0 - 8.1 have once put a 8.8 on it and wasn't pleased (works, but where's the fun factor??). Favourite sail saizes 6.1 and 6.8.

Just 1 thing: if you really have 15-20 kts you might still want to go a bit smaller. (caution: I always surf salt water) From ~ >= 18kts on I'm definitely on my K86!
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