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Default I sonic 145 VS F-Type 138


I had a T-type 138 dram, I was very happy with it but I change with a I-Sonic 145 technora, unfortunetly, this I sonic 145 seems to be not as good as my F-type in light wind condition, I feel very unstable on it, I explain, on the F-type, upwind or downwind , my position was locked on the board, it was very stable and quick and I could sail for hours, with the I-sonic 145, I always fight and move all the time to keep the board stable, I become tired very easy with this way of windsurfing. I use a the loft O2 freerace 8.4m2, I am 1.75m and 70kg. I have sailed already more then 10 times on the I-sonic 145 and I realy can't be easy on it like my former F-Type, can you explain what is the advantage of the I-sonic 145 versus the F-type 138 because in the moment, I only feel to get back a F-type 138.

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