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Default RE: Waterstart yeehar

Hey Frey,

Sorry it took a while for a reply but i've been trying to login and it hasn't been working.
No, the only time the sail ever pushes me down is when i'm at the wrong angle or really tired.
Waterstarting is a frustrating one to learn but you will get better and better quite quickly. When you're trying them, point the nose of your board a little bit downwind and just try to get the wind to hold the sail up for you, you then want to put your back foot up on the board between the back and front foot straps. Then try and use the wind in the sail to pull you up but also kicking underwater with your front foot and dragging the board underneath your butt with the other foot.
Just keep trying them everytime you fall in and soon they will be simple for you.

See how you go,

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