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Default RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

Hi, seeing as we almost weigh the same i think i can give you some propper advice on beginner boards. Personally the GO170 doesnt seem like a good idea qs it probably is your intention to progress and the Go 170 is a real learners board. The C144 is a good solution for your weight but u could also look at the Go139 if you dont immediatly want to go for outboard footstrap settings but you do want to go fast in light weather. Theres also the Go 150 if i recall but i suppose youve preselected the C144 and Go170 for a reasonm so my suggestion is you go for the C144 as it is a board which will give you more fun as you evolve.

hope this helps
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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