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Default RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

Well… . yesterday I tried to sail with an f2 144 lt in light winds 2-3bf, and although I could sail normally, I had a tiny problem in tacks . Further more the board was sunk that’s why I mention before about 170 lt board. On the other hand Carve have wider range field then the Go. Here in Greece there are many places to sail but in most of the cases the wind force is not over 3-5 bf so its difficult to sail with a small boat in those conditions aren’t you agree? In my territory the weather is variable from 0bf it can change rapidly in 7 or even 8bf .. But the question is if I can sail in light air conditions (3bf) with the carve 144 or I need a bigger board? Sorry if im getting tiresome but the cost is big and the equipment is a vital part of windsurf..
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