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Default Carve 144 vs Go 155-170

Dear admin

I’m a beginner windsurfer and after a short period of lessons I decide to buy my first board and rig… It’s a special moment for me so I want your advice about which type of board I should choose. After a Market research I decide to buy one of the following type of boards , the Carve 144 which is more wide range board but less easygoing for beginners and light winds conditions then the other type the Go 170 – 155 which is more friendly to use and maybe proper for light winds… I have rent an f2 144 lt and I have sailed on 3bf normally and my only problem was the tacks and some times the board has sunk(maybe because the light winds). Im 85 kg and 187cm, I use foot straps(not always successfully) and I’m learning water start also. My area which I live has variable weather conditions (from 0 to 7-8 bf) … So pls let me know about which should be the most proper choice for me..


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