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Default RE: Spare Time of Starboard Crew

Hi all,

no spare time !! hehe

really I think we all are working a lot and giving this free forum to all people to express themselves. I am all days here in the forum reading twice the messages.

I have 6 years in the crew and I like to leave discussions go on. really is very interesting to read them and know what people think of any topic. More opinions, more rich the content.

I have learned a lot from discussions, I have understood people, what they think and what they WANT. I think this has contributed a lot into the sport and into the development we all see happening.

I like to participate and give my opinion too, but I prefer sometimes to wait a bit more and let people participate so I can also add more and all can see more points of view.

6 years and i am really happy here, hope more years on this and thanks all for your participation and sincere opinions posted here!

best luck!
Greetings from Peru!

Ricardo Guglielmino
Starboard Team
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